Hey Sean... Got a second?


Hey Sean... Got a second?

By - Hilary Thomas



Hilary Thomas- Sean is kind of like the "go to" guy around the office, if you don't know where something is, he most likely does. He trains our customer reps, tracks down orders, helps manage the website and often talks about how he should just bring his air mattress to work some day. Hes quirky, funny and he always has someones back when they are in need of help. He's pulled every way imaginable and is one of the most important staples of this company. I couldn't imagine coming to work and Sean not being here. I mean, where would I find the paperclips? If Sean had a motto it would be "I got you".

Hilary Thomas: "How long have you worked at red line steel?"

Sean Gordon: "December 11th 2016 I was like the 8th or 9th employee here."

Hilary Thomas: "What is you job title here at Redline Steel?"

Sean Gordon: "Customer Service Supervisor"

Hilary Thomas: "What do you enjoy most about your job."

Sean Gordon: "Seeing the growth of the company, when i first started working here we only had a few employees and now we have about 45 employees and we are a multi-million dollar company"

Hilary Thomas: "What did you do before you worked at Redline Steel"

Sean Gordon: "Uh, I've done a few things, I graduated from Alabama, Roll Tide! This past summer i interned for congressmen Mo Brooks, after that i worked at a political advertising firm in D.C. that ran through the election and after the election was over the job ended so i moved back home and started working here"

Hilary Thomas: "What time does your shift start?"

Sean Gordon: "Supposed to be 8am, but it can be a pain in the buns so sometimes is 8:02 (ended with a wink)."


Hilary Thomas: "What's a fun fact about you."


Sean Gordon: "I was Vice President of my fraternity." 

Hilary Thomas: "If you could add one thing to Redline Steel, What would it be?"

Sean Gordon: "An open bar."

Hilary Thomas: "Here's an important one, paper or plastic?"

Sean Gordon: "14 gauge steel."

Hilary Thomas: "Do you like your job?"

Sean Gordon: "Of course, I'm about to be on the blog, and I get to see Matt's  beautiful face everyday."



 By: Creative Director Hilary Thomas



















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