How Redline Steel Started


By - Colin Wayne, CEO 

       It all started when I was working out in the gym with a friend of mine that showed me an awesome piece of art that he had this company "Nameless for purposes intended" made for his son. It was a Baseball piece with a silhouette of a guy swinging a bat with his sons name cut out of it. It immediately got my attention and I said " Mark, I have to get one for my son." 

So he gave me his contact information and I reached out via Facebook. A few minutes later he replies and states that his manufacturing lead times were around 8-10 weeks because of the holidays. So I simply replied "No problem, when things slow down for you reach out and I would love to get something done for my son. His response was "No problem, I will definitely do that."

About 15 minutes later I receive a Facebook message that stated "Holy Shit, I didn't realize it was you 'Colin Wayne' I can get something done for you within the next week.... and he ended the conversation by stating "I would love to be at your level one day" 

As soon as that was stated it hit me... BAM heres a company that has an awesome product, with long lead times that clearly doesn't have an issue turning people down because the demand is that high.

At that point I replied back, and stated "Why don't you come to my office and we can sit down and go over your company and how we can make your company achieve my level of success" which inlined with what he stated, and so he did, and so the story goes on... 

Fast forward about 5 weeks down the road of consulting with him and growth strategy I made him an official proposal that I wanted to partner with his company. I proposed that I wanted 51% of his company and in return I would do a 6x "Gross Sales" multiple within a 12 month period or I would give his company back entirely. Without hesitation he responded "Hell yeah" who wouldn't want to grow their company 600% within 12 months. 

Well the story doesn't end there.... The day that we were supposed to sign the paper work for the partnership he got cold feet and backed out. 

1 day later without having a building, any background in manufacturing or fabrication, or design CAD experience I purchased my first of many CNC Plasma Hypertherm machine that is still used in todays production. 

And so began the Redline Legacy.   


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  • Hi Colin. I’ve been following you since you started Redline Steel and have purchased gifts for myself, family and friends. I am in the process of organizing a fundraiser for the veterans in central Wisconsin and was hoping you would discount or donate a steel flag as our grand prize. We are on Facebook under Liberty Leaders. We are a new organization who are like minded individuals who respect our flag, abide by our Constitution and help in our community. I look forward to your response.
    JoAnn Zagrzebski
    8680 Hollywood Rd.
    Nekoosa, WI. 54457
    Thank you

    JoAnn Zagrzebski

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