The song bird.

 (Left) Office Manager, Matt Bradford (Right) CEO, Colin Wayne

The Song Bird.

By Hilary Thomas 


Hilary Thomas: In case you were wondering who the infamous Matt is from my previous post about Sean Gordon, let me help you get to know him. There's not a day that has went by since I started here where Matt hasn't been singing along with the radio, oh and he dances too. He lights up the office with his personality, and as Sean would say, "that flashy flashy smile." Hes always there when you need anything, and doesn't mind stepping in one bit to help anyone who needs it, no matter what the job is. He shops for us to make sure that we all are provided with bottles of water, coffee, and necessities to fulfill our work day with smiles on our faces. Oh, and he brings the staff donuts and cookies.  

Hilary Thomas: "When did you start working at Redline steel?"

Matt Bradford: "Jan. 2nd 2017" 

Hilary Thomas: "What is your title?"

Matt Bradford: "Office Manager/Chief Handyman"

Hilary Thomas: "What did you do before you started working at Redline Steel?"

Matt Bradford: "Worked 7 years at Publix supermarkets"

Hilary Thomas: "Since you sing all the time, what is your favorite genre of music?"

Matt Bradford: "50/50 rock and country"

Hilary Thomas: "How did you meet Colin Wayne?"

Matt Bradford: "Colin and I played peewee football together as kids. we were maybe 11 or 12 yrs old"

Hilary Thomas: "What was a monumental moment of your career life?"

Matt Bradford: "Getting promoted to management with a huge company like Publix super markets at the age of 23"

Hilary Thomas: "Lets hear a fun fact about you."

Matt Bradford: "I've owned around 50 vehicles since I was 16. (I'm 26 now) I buy and sell a lot as a hobby. I'm a tinkerer"

Hilary Thomas: "What is your favorite thing about coming into work?"

Matt Bradford: "Being able to come in and have fun with what I do everyday and to personally have my hand in our companies success so that years from now when this company has grown substantially ill know that i was directly responsible for some of that."

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