All things BIMI email records! The Worlds Best Kept Secret

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What is a bimi record?

A BIMI record, short for Brand Indicators for Message Identification record, is a DNS (Domain Name System) record that allows organizations to associate their brand logo with their domain name.

The provided example effectively demonstrates the impact of implementing a BIMI record on email previews for mobile devices. By incorporating a BIMI record, email inboxes can display recognizable logos for brands or platforms, enhancing visual branding and professionalism. This visual distinction sets emails apart from generic ones, which typically show only the users’ first initials. Incorporating a BIMI record ensures consistent branding and enhances email recognition, improving overall engagement and user experience.

  1. Increase your open rates estimated (10-15%)
  2. Drastically increase email deliverability due to proper DNS setup
  3. Brand Authority and Trust – Stand out in your emails
  4. Enhanced email reputation
  5. Helps prevent email spoofing / phishing



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